Monday, March 26, 2012

Welcome to the “Benbach” wedding!

Ines and Dan look forward to celebrating their wedding with y’all on the 13th and 14th of July 2012. Here is all the information you need to join the fun.

We will start the festivities on Friday the 13th (we’re not superstitious) with a garden party at Ines’s parents’ house in scenic Spechtsbrunn. At 6 pm, the grill will be hot and we hope to meet and greet all our guests. The address is Sonneberger Str. 35, 98743 Spechtsbrunn.
Größere Kartenansicht

The easiest way is to come by car, but once we get some feedback from everyone, we will see if we need to organize a bus or taxi service.

The main event will take place on Saturday the 14th in Sonneberg at the lovely Schlossberg Hotel. We will convene at the Hotel in the early afternoon for a champagne toast, before Ines and Dan re-enact their vows, this time without Elvis. A full buffet dinner will be served in the evening, including an ice cream buffet. The bar will serve beer, wine, punch and select cocktails and it will be open all night!

The hotel is booked for our guests from Friday to Sunday and there are two options for accommodation. There are 15 rooms in the hotel itself (mostly doubles) at the price of 45 Euros per person per night. Call 0049/ 3675 73300 for room reservations or write to The hotel also owns the nearby Pension Häfner, where less glamorous rooms can be booked for 25 Euros per person. Phone: 0049/ 3675 702684.

A brunch buffet will be served at the hotel on Sunday and it will be open to all wedding guests, not just those staying at the hotel.

For our international guests, the closest airports are Erfurt or Nürnberg. However, these are small airports, so the fares may be more expensive. The large international airport in Munich may be the cheaper option; it is about 4 hours away from the wedding location. For those without a car, Sonneberg is reachable by train; schedules can be found here.

Your attendance is the most important gift to us, but if you would like to give something else, then you could deposit something in our piggy bank :)

Update: The wedding ceremony on saturday starts at 1.30 pm at Schlossberg Hotel.